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Founded in 2000, Huahui GEOXPLORA is a high-tech company with the world’s leading technology in the field of underground detection and has won the National High-Tech Enterprise and the Small Giant Enterprise(Specializing in Special and New Technologies) certificates.

U-TEM (Ultrasonic-Transient Electromagnetic) Equipment

For improving the efficiency of oil and gas recovery, was developed by Beijing Huahui GEOXPLORA Technology Co., Ltd. based on the technology of ultrasonic equipment for oil recovery combined with transient electromagnetic field studies.



Technical Origin of



Research showed that transient electromagnetic field energy can improve the permeability channel of reservoir.

Research on ultrasonic oil recovery equipment developed ultrasonic plugging-removal equipment.

Innovative developed sound-electric reservoir reconstruction technology named “U-TEM Production and Injection Enhancement Technology”.

To be industrialized product finalization and industrial manufacturing.

Market application service in Daqing, Xinjiang and other oilfields,  it has remarkable effect of increasing production.

Daqing Oilfield
Dagang Oilfiled
Tuha Oilfield
L7-26** Oil Well

Prodcution layer: PI4-GIII3

ØThickness of perforated sandstone: 28.6m
ØEffective thickness: 15.1m
ØUtem operation: 35 sub-layers
ØOperation time: 2hr / meter
ØTotal duration: 76 hours

Zhong4-** Oil Well

ØThickness of sandstone: 8.3m
ØPorosity: 16.79%
ØPermeability: 55.5mD
ØOil saturation:71.4%
ØConnection between surrounding 1 water injection wells was good


Before U-TEM operation: The oil laver of the well is poorly developed and generally connected with the surrounding water injection. After three times of acidizing, the cumulative water injection was 15000m3.Waterinjection pressure is 23MPa daily injection is 13m³.

After U-TEM operation: The injection pressure is 23Mpa the daily injection volume is 42m³, and the daily injection increased 29m³.

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