GEOXPLORA Technology Co., Ltd.

Our Story

Founded in 2000, Huahui GEOXPLORA is a high-tech company with the world’s leading technology in the field of underground detection and has won the National High-Tech Enterprise and the Small Giant Enterprise(Specializing in Special and New Technologies) certificates. Huahui GEOXPLORA’s research findings are in the leading position in the world. Company has obtained a total of 82 international and domestic patents and software copyrights and has published more than 20 professional papers.

Huahui GEOXPLORA has more than 60 research and technical personnel, covering various disciplines such as Algorithm, Geophysical Prospecting, Logging, Geology and Engineering Technology.

Tianjin University
Jilin University
Huahui GEOXPLORA has established a "Joint Research Center for Oil and Gas Exploration" with Tianjin University.

The research center has consolidated basic research and integrated production, learning and research, and has formed a number of original technologies, especially major breakthroughs in the theory and application of Transient Electromagnetic and Wellbore Acoustics.

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Huahui GEOXPLORA established the “Joint Research Center of Intelligent Detection Information Technology” with Jilin University.

Focusing on innovative research and development of earth exploration instruments, data processing and interpretation methods, and obtaining innovative achievements in the field of Electromagnetic Wave Detection.

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